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Al Martins presentation to the government, BCWF

Edge Magazine article on Fernie Trap Challenge

Aug 21,2013- Southern Rockies Grizzly Bear Final Report

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Aug 19, 2013

FRGC August '3-D' Archery Shoot and "Elk Valley Extreme" Finals a great success.

250+ shooters including 68 youth shooters embarked on 3 courses of fifteen targets last weekend at the FRGC range. All of the youth participants were awarded for their participation with a big thanks to TECK for sponsoring this, and they all enjoyed a balloon and zombie shoot Saturday afternoon.

The 2nd leg of the Elk Valley Extreme qualifier was held all day Saturday and the finals were Saturday night. The first qualifier shoot was held during Sparwoods 3-D shoot in June. The two clubs and Kootenay Archery sponsor the Elk Valley Extreme.
144 shooters tried to qualify for the 22 spots during the two qualifier shoots. The top five shooters advance, along with the top two women and top two youth from each shoot. Two wildcard positions are chosen at each event also.
15 year old Ross Grimm from Medicine Hat was the overall winner of the Elk Valley Extreme and took home a $1000 Gift Certificate from Kootenay Archery. Chris Mummery took second place and claimed a $500 gift certificate and 3rd place went to last year champion Jamie Brehaut.
All 22 participants received a prize for qualifying this year.

Rifle Range improvements

The improvements at the rifle range will begin this weekend, May 28-29. Volunteers needed to help install cattle guard, new fence out front, slash, fall and cut trees for the new 50 meter range.

Range will be temporarily be closed when falling and clearing of the trees. The new 50 meter range, which will have two separate shooting benches, will be located between the existing archery and rifle range.

The tentative dates for the second work party will be June 22-26. At this time new benches and covers will be built for the shooting side. There will be 2 benches at the new 50 meter range and 5-6 new benches built for the 100/200/300 yard range. Both areas will have new covers built over them also similar to the one at the archery range. A trap machine will be installed also at this time.

Please spare a bit of time and come out to improve your range, refreshments will be supplied by the club.

Roderick Haig-Brown Conservation Award

Fernie Rod and Gun Club was awarded this award for the Wigwam Flats Wildlife Enhancement Slashing Project.

Roderick Haig-Brown Conservation Award

This prestigious award recognizes the accomplishments of a club whose recently completed conservation project, benefiting either fish or wildlife, is deemed most worthy. Initially sponsored by the Carling O'Keefe Brewery of Vancouver in 1959, and generously supported for many years by two long-time members of the BCWF, both recipients of the Barsby Trophy, Howard English of Victoria, and W.W. "Curly" Chittenden of West Vancouver, it is now funded by the BCWF Memorial Awards Fund.

In 1990, the Board of Directors proposed that the name of the award be changed, in a fitting tribute to this long-time resident of Campbell River, who was a world renowned writer, lecturer and conservationist. With the assent of the family of the late Roderick Haig-Brown, the award was dedicated and presented by his daughter at the 1981 convention in Kamloops.

In addition to the magnificent trophy, a totem pole mounted on a wooden base, carved by Ellen Neale, a renowned West Coast Indian artist, the winner receives a cash grant.

Griz Days Parade

Thanks to Brian, Pierre, Mario and Kevin who built the float, and to all the youth buglers, deer callers and noise makers, we took 1st place and recieved many compliments. Special thanks to Randy, Patty, Joe and Crystal for the truck and trailer

Griz Day Parade Float


Spring Raffle

Great prizes this year including a laptop from Isosceles Business Systems, 1/2 Steer cut and wrapped from Rocky Acres Ranch, Hoyt Bow from Kootenay Archery. Tickets are for sale at Isoscles in Fernie and Elk Valley Precision in Sparwood. Winners will be drawn at our Banquet on April 9th.

Membership Draw

There is still time to renew/purcahse your 2011 membership and be entered into the draw. Everyone who renews/purchases a membership by Feb 14th will have a chance to win a rifle, archery or fishing package. Pay online via our membership page or at Back Country Meats in Fernie or Elk Valley Precision in Sparwood.


1st Elk Trophies

TJ Watson


Group photo of winners

The Fernie Rod and Gun Club 1st Elk Trophies were claimed by hunting partners TJ Watson and Kevin Marasco.

TJ claimed te 1st Archery Bull Elk Trophy on the morning of Sept 1 with a 4x4 bull. With TJ's cousin Blaise Watson and Kevin Marasco watching closely TJ made the perfect shot after the bull was called within 40 yards of him by Mark Palmer.

The 1st Bull Elk Trophy with a rifle was claimed by Kevin Marasco on Sept 11 with a 7x6 elk. After close to an hour of bugling to the big bull he finally showed himself and Kevin made no mistake with a 200 yard shot. Kevin's son Ty was with him for the whole hunt and was sitting a few feet behind his dad being very quiet waiting for the bull to come out. Matt Boehm, also out with Kevin and Ty for the successful hunt, had the bull sneak by him and straight down the ridge to Kevin.

"It's all about being out with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors. This was one of my most memorable hunts having my son Ty with me, it's a memory that will last a lifetime" says Kevin.

3D Archery Shoot Aug 21-22

The Fernie Rod and Gun Club held its Annual August summer 3D Archery Fun Shoot over the Aug 21-22 weekend. Approximately 180 shooters took to the three courses over the weekend and 30 shooters tried their luck and skill on the Extreme Course Challenge.

The Extreme course was just over a mile in lenght with an increase of elevation of 450 feet. There were ten targets on the course ranging from 30 to 70 yards in length. The tricky part about the course was there were very few shots that were level. All of the shots were up, down, sitting in a blind or standing on logs and stumps. The top six scoreers advanced to the finals along with the top women, top junior shooter and two wildcard spots.

FRGC member Shawn Earl just missed making the top six in scoring but made it in to the finals with a wildcard spot and left everybody in the dust including PRO shooter Cody Draper. Rounding out the top five was Jeff Davis in second, FRGC member Kevin Marasco in third, Pro Shooter Cody Draper in fourth and FRGC member Darryl Southgate in fifith. The top five shooters recieved prizes for their effort. The finals were five shots, one from and elevated position through a tire into a 3D target, one from a tree stand around a wood beam and the final three shots were at a moving bear target. Shawn had three perfect '10' shots which secured the victory for him. It was great to see three FRGC members make the top five.

It was a busy weekend with a record number of youth participants on the 3D courses and range. There was an assortment of 3D targets on the range for the kids including two dinosaurs and a dragon to practice shooting at and when they shot course 'B' they ran into the elusive 'sasquatch'. This target was a huge hit again with all the shooters over the weekend.

With the number of archers and bow hunters in the Elk Valley increasing at an incredible rate the FRGC is looking at aquiring a spot to shoot in the winter months and offer a youth Olympic program to develop all the young archers.

A 3D Archery event takes an immense amount of time, labor and volunteers to put on. The FRGC would like to thank everybody that came out and cut trail, set up targets, took down targets, worked at the concession, donated prizes and helped out. Special thanks to Walter Fantuz, Darryl Southgate, Clint Sikes and Brian Fantuz for spending hours and hours at the range and 3D courses. Brian Fantuz, FRGC Archery Committee Rep, also designs and makes all the posters and scorecards for the shoots and promotes the events and the sport of archery. Without his dedication and commitment the FRGC could never have had such successful 3D events during the past three years. WAY TO GO BRIAN! On the plate for next year will be a joint venture with other clubs in the kootenays (possibly Alberta)to offer an archery circuit for some great prizes. It is already in the plans and will kick off next spring so keep up to date on this website for details.

Thanks to all the shooters and people that came out and supported this great event.

June 3D Archery Fun Shoot

The Fernie Rod and Gun Club hosted its June 3-D Archery Fun Shoot on June 12/13 weekend and there were multiple Bigfoot sightings. The new “Bigfoot” target was in place along Coal Creek and many shooters had to take a second look to see what they were looking at.

Approximately 160 shooters showed up for the event that led them through two twenty target courses. Of the 160 shooters there were approximately 40 shooters aged from 3 to 17 participating. All of these shooters received medals for there participation in the event no matter how they performed. Local archer Dan Stephenson had the highest score for all the juniors involved and will be a threat in the adult division in a few years.

There were three different categories that the archers could enter in, the traditional class, the open class and the hunter class. Traditional archers use longbow & recurve bows, the hunter class is anybody that uses a rangefinder and the open class is all other shooters. Kyle Dacke from Cranbrook won the Open Class for the second year in a row shooting 576 out of a possible 600 points.

There were some other great events that took place on the archery range during the weekend. The kids lined up Saturday afternoon for a balloon shoot. The three new dinosaur targets were littered with balloons and the kids took aim. As soon as the young archers managed to pop a balloon they won a prize. The new dinosaur targets were a huge hit with the kids and there wasn’t a minute all weekend when the target weren’t being shot at.

When Saturday night arrived the moving bear target was set up and everybody had a chance to see how their shooting skills were at a moving target. For a bonus, there was a small balloon placed on the bear and if a shooter was lucky enough to pop the balloon, they won a new Reinhart target. This event drew many shooters and a huge crowd cheering them on. Only one competitor managed to pop the balloon and many people had difficulties hitting the speedy bear. After the moving bear fun shoot was over, the coon shoot was on. For the second year in a row, Darrin Cook from Elkford won the late evening event.

Competitors came from Castlegar to Calgary to participate in the event. During the previous week the FRGC Archery Committee managed to complete some work on the range in between rain storms. The range now has permanent targets set up from 20 to 90 yards to accommodate the long distance shooters. Quite a few of the long distance target shooters that came to Fernie last weekend were very impressed with the new setup. The FRGC plans to have an additional course setup for the August Fun shoot to accommodate all the shooters. This course might be an “extreme” course featuring very steep downhill and uphill shots, shots through a fence, shooting out of a saddle, etc. There have been many great ideas thrown about and it will surely be a shoot that everybody will have fun at.

The youth archery program is underway and continues every Thursday evenings at 7pm at the archery range up Coal Creek.

The FRGC Archery Committee would like to thank the numerous people and businesses that came out and helped last week with all the work that had to be done to host the 3-D shoot. A special thanks also to Cameron Enterprises (Randy Cameron), Morrissey Aggregates (Hammy), Elk Valley Electric (Keith and Clint), and Kory and Dan Stephenson for all donations and work done on the range. For all the people that spend HOURS helping out, Steve, Tyson, Hank, Ryan, Clint, Bucky, Walter, Brian, Kevin, Janice, Mark, Kory, Dan, and others, way to go out of your way to make it HAPPEN!

Youth Fishing Day

The weather might have been doom and gloomy in the Elk Valley last Sunday but the fishing gods held off the rain at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery so the FRGC could host their 1st Annual Youth Fishing Day. It was an overwhelming success as kids as young as two were pulling in fish from the pond. "It was great to see such a great turnout when the weather was so bad in Fernie when we left" explained Marasco, "there were twice as many participants here as we were expecting!".

Everyone had a chance to take a tour of the Fish Hatchery to see all the different types of fish they produce, the ins and outs of fish reproduction and stocking methods and the different methods in transporting fish to their new homes. At the end of the tour the kids (and many adults) fed some of the huge rainbows in the shallow pools at the entrance to the hatchery. Some of these rainbows were in excess of 20lbs and nearly three feet long. No fingers wer elost i the feeding and petting but there was one close call when one of hte giant rainbows tried tasting a fingertip.

At the Fishing Pand, kids, parents and volunteers surrounded the pod to try and catch some of the big rainbows swimming around. All different types of bait and techniques were used to try and catch some of these great rainbows. It was all catch and release with a few pictures in between of the happy fisherman. There were a few broken lines and many stories of the big one that got away.

There was also a Fly Fishing Course offered by Paul and Becky from the Elk River Guiding Company for anyone that was interested in learning the techniques of fly fishing. Afterwards some of the participants returned to the pond with their fly rods and managed to land a few rainbows.

Everybody enjoyed a great lunch cooked up by FRGC BBQ Chef, Vern McGarrigle and then headed back to the pond to once gain try to catch the big one. Overall it was a great kickoff for the Club's Youth Fishing Program.

Wigwam Flats wildlife habitat enhancement project.

The Fernie Rod and Gun Club's Wigwam Flats Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project was a huge success as seventy volunteers showed up to work on this “Class I” winter range feeding area. Along with members from the FRGC, there were representatives from the Sparwood and Elkford Wildlife Associations, the East Kootenay Wildlife Association and Big Game Clubs, the Forestry Service, Nature Trust, the Ecosystem Restoration Group and Ministry of Environment.

The volunteers showed up bright and early to get a jump on all the work that had to be done. After some briefing on safety, area work boundaries and some chainsaw review the group headed out to get the job done. The volunteers managed to slash/thin approximately 50+ hectares of land throughout the day.

The Club provided all the equipment, refreshments, snacks, lunch and a BBQ at the end of the day for all the volunteers. “It was great to see so many people come out to get the job done,” explains Kevin Marasco, FRGC President. “People gave it their ALL as there was no heavy machinery allowed on the site so we did everything by hand. It was a large area to cover with just chainsaws, brush cutters and axes!!”

The Fernie Rod and Gun Club have been actively involved in this area for the past 35 years. They have completed many different types of projects (burning, thinning, slashing, etc ) in the Mt. Broadwood /Rocky Ridge area to help improve Wildlife Habitat and will continue to do so in the years to come. Conservation has been and always will be a priority of the Club. The Club will be working along with the Forestry Service to complete this project during the next two weeks. Once this project is completely wrapped up the Club will be focusing on the up and coming 3-D Archery shoots and Youth Programs starting in May and June.